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Hearing Aid

What You Need to Know While Choosing a Dispenser

There are various types of hearing difficulties. Thus, it is necessary for the hearing health care professional, the patient, and the patient’s family members to discuss which dispenser will best suit the patient’s lifestyle.

Today's hearing instruments are actually microcomputers and just like any computer, these are only as competent as the professional doing the programming. At Boyd's Hearing Center, we follow a checklist designed to increase your chances for a successful fitting.


Experience of the Dispenser

  • Must for a minimum of two years
  • The person doing the initial fitting will also be your guide during the acclimation process - The qualifications of the technician responsible should never be overlooked. Better hearing doesn't just end at the first fitting session
  • Continuing education credits - Hearing instrument technology keeps getting upgraded on a frequent basis. It is essential for the dispenser to be kept up-to-date
  • A well-equipped office is very essential for the purpose of circuit verification, live speech mapping, and real ear measurements

Modern Equipment Used to Verify Hearing Instrument Fittings

Real ear measurements, live speech mapping and video otoscopy are of great necessity while working with today's circuits.
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