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Hearing Aid

Explore the Styles of Hearing Instruments

At Boyd's Hearing Center, we fully understand that your hearing care should be personalized to you. That's why we take the time to find you the right hearing instrument.

Hearing Aid Considerations

One of the largest factors to take into consideration when finding a hearing aid is your finger dexterity. If you cannot insert your hearing instrument properly or change its batteries, then it is not the right style for you. Stop by today for your FREE consultation with a hearing test.
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Receiver-in-the-canal Hearing Instruments

  • Uses a thin wire receiver that is placed close to the ear drum
  • Has a dome on the end instead of a custom mold
  • Gives you a more natural sound
  • The only proven aid that helps in noisy situations
  • Can be programmed right in our office
Hearing instrument

In-the-ear Hearing Instruments 

  • Helpful if you have low hand dexterity
  • Larger battery is easier to change
  • Battery life is longer
  • Fits directly in your ear
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In-the-canal Hearing Instruments        

  • Smaller than the in-the-ear style
  • Custom made to fit your external ear canal
  • Ideal for mild to moderate hearing loss
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Completely In-the-canal Hearing Instruments 

  • Smallest custom-fit style available
  • Cosmetically appealing as it fits deep in the ear canal
  • Reduced wind noise and improved telephone hearing
  • Give you a more natural sound
  • Ideal instrument for an active person
  • Can be used with severe hearing loss
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Behind-the-ear Hearing Instruments 

  • Ideal for severe to profound hearing loss
  • Larger battery for low finger dexterity or poor vision
  • Longer battery life
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You'll receive a 3-year repair service package on all hearing aids and 3-year protection against loss, theft, or damage.
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