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The Time for Enhanced Hearing Aid Technology 

Luckily for our industry and for you, hearing aid technology has advanced drastically since its inception. When you visit Boyd's Hearing Center, you'll get the most cutting-edge technology on top of our over 30 years of experience. 

Amazing Bluetooth Hearing Instruments

The magic of Bluetooth now allows you to stream your wireless devices directly to your hearing aid. This ability is now available for all major brands of hearing instruments. Ask us for help if you're not sure how this works with your hearing aid!

Other Assisted Listening Devices

Ask us about additional assisted listening devices like phones, alarm clocks, and bed shakers. If you're struggling with phone conversations, we can request a phone from Caption Call on your behalf. We'll get to know you well to ensure that your service is personalized in every detail. 
hearing evaluation
Bring your hearing aids to our store for on-site cleaning, service, and repair. 
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